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Knowing if your employees are competent in their role, and that they have sufficient knowledge and skills in certain areas can be paramount to the success of your business.  enableHR gives you the ability to assign competencies that are needed or need to be attained by your employees. 

This data is easy to use to track your employee's current skill set and also ensure compliance specific information (ie. Working With Children Checks, First Aid, Forklift Training) are tracked, updated and reported on.

Competencies can be created for roles or for individuals, so they're easy to manage.  If you don't yet have enableHR then connect with to find out more.  If you have enableHR without the Online Performance Management tool, using competencies to address and track development needs is a very hand tool. 

If you want an easy way to manage your administration for HR and fantastic health and safety software check out...  enableHR

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