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Customising enableHR to suit your needs


Did you know enableHR offers a wide range of options to accommodate the needs of your business? If there is something you need enableHR to do that is currently not within the system functionality, your account can be customised to fit your requirements. 

Some of our clients have already had this done, with customised work ranging from creating customised tabs to creating highly configurable roles/permissions to ensure that only the right people see the right information stored within the system is possible.

If you feel that your account needs to have some customisation done to suit your business, please contact us to discuss.

PS:  enableHR is getting a makeover! Early this year, enableHR will be launching a visual refresh to the product's interface design. The new layout is said to be slick, streamlined and user-friendly, and is designed to be better suited to mobile devices. 

If you want to know more, contact or visit our enableHR page.

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