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Do you cringe at words like Facebook or Twitter or are you a bit of a techno geek?

Either which way it is fairly scary how technology is impacting each of us, yes that includes you and your business!  Plus, it’s not going to go away.  If you haven’t already you need to consider technological advances within your business strategy.

The power of social media can no longer be ignored and while you may be turning a blind eye to it your team is likely to be embracing it.  There are some big positives to social media for businesses – it’s an awesome tool that costs very little to operate well.  Targeted well the reach for marketing your business is phenomenal, it is engaging and can be useful when screening applicants for roles (with their permission).

Although it would be wonderful to eliminate all negatives it’s almost impossible.  However, having a social media policy in your employment agreements is essential for businesses today, touch base with us if you have no idea what this is.