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Do you plan for sick leave?

As difficult as it sometimes is for a business owner or manager to understand people do take sick days.  It is cold, it is wet, it is winter… Expect sick leave days and protect your healthy staff! When an employee is coughing and sneezing all over the work place, you’ve got two issues. Firstly, a sick worker is less productive and error rates will be higher – could be costly or raise H&S concerns. Secondly, germs spread fast, contain them quickly and avoid having a team of sick people. Educate your team to stay home if they’re contagious and send sick workers home for a speedy recovery. Your productivity may be affected in the short term, but remember, you are protecting your long-term business, your staff, and your health and safety Stay Warmrecord. Driving? Remember that the days are shorter, and poor visibility at twilight is a factor in many road accidents.

Vitamin C? Eating well all year round has proven health benefits. Oranges and mandarins are in season for a reason so have them within easy reach instead of the muffins and cakes.

Vitamin D? If the sun is shining take 5 minutes and enjoy it, get outside, go for a walk, take a seat and soak it in.

Be aware that depression and anxiety issues are more prominent in the winter so if you have someone on your team that suffers make sure they know your door is open.

Remember winter has some great attributes too… snow, hot soup, fires, cuddles on the couch, mulled wine and not having to shave your legs!