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enableHR – eSS for party invites and reminders

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Remember you can use the power of eSS to make sure your staff understands the expectations while getting a good dose of festive cheer as the year wraps up.

Self-service messaging is a really good way to get important Christmas party details out prior to the day, such as the locale of the office party, getting there, getting home safely, and any important rules to remember.

You can also get creative with Christmas messages to the team by utilising the HTML editing options available in the eSS messaging feature. Or how about a video wishing everyone a Merry Christmas?

Remember to select the acknowledgment required check box before hitting send if you’re including a policy reminder (social media, leave or drug and alcohol policy reminders could be useful.

Examples of spreading Christmas cheer via eSS in enableHR…

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Kim Ahern | People Guru

Aimee Lander