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enableHR's new pricing model

From July 1 2017 the new pricing model will cover the full enableHR platform, with pricing based per employee, contractor and volunteer record. Why the change?

enableHR has undergone major product developments over the last few years ensuring they remain a market leading HRIS (Human Resources Information System) platform. enableHR believe you should have access to the full functionality of the platform to effectively manage your team(s) and minimise your business risk…

  • Employment, Contract and Volunteer Management
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Employee Self Service
  • Online Performance Reviews
  • as well as unlimited Users and Branches within the system

This is the first change to their fees since 2010.

Why enableHR?

enableHR offers comprehensive software combining the full scope for Human Resources (HR) Management and Health and Safety requirements in one simple platform.  enableHR is ideal for supporting your business, increasing your compliance and reducing your HR costs. It provides important process advice, guides, templates and tools for hassle-free HR Management.

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