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Manage your Hazards and Risks with enableHR

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Following the first sentencing under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, the Court fined the company $100,000 and ordered reparation of $37,500!  WorkSafe New Zealand issued a timely reminder that businesses need to do more than just identify and record risks, you must immediately take action to manage them. (Read more on this case here).

We love the enableHR platform because it makes it easy for you to identify and manage your businesses hazards and risks using their “Hazard & Risk” and “Risk Register” tabs.

The ‘Hazard & Risk’ tab is where new hazards/risks are reported and you put in place steps for management of this hazard/risk.

The Hazard or Risk record file can be used to capture and record all the data, documents, notes and reminders to assist in:

  • Capturing an accurate profile of the Hazard for reporting
  • Evidencing actions taken or work undertaken ie. invoices, audit reports, meeting minutes, decision records, notes
  • Consulting with workers to assess risk and implement control measure
  • Managing any follow up activities by creating alerts and/or reminders

The ‘Risk Register’ tab is where you can present Risk profile information and other supporting information such as safety processes, procedures, and/or guides that your workers can easily access and reference via eSS.

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 Kim | People Guru