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Do you need CV tips?

CV tip picture With the New Year fast approaching for many, this will mean a career change is in the works. An awesome CV is what it takes for you to stand out from the crowd. We have compiled some useful CV tips to ensure you make a memorable first impression – remember you only get one chance at this.

Our recommendations:

  • Your CV should reflect you, remember they’re viewed on screens now not often printed, add your favourite colours and use your favourite fonts
  • If you are photogenic then add a professional photo of yourself
  • List your personal strengths and technical strengths these are just as important as where you’ve worked
  • Order your work history with your current position at the beginning. List your responsibilities and key achievements, as well as your reason for leaving
  • Make your CV personable, write to reflect you and include your interests especially when they’re relative to the company
  • Ensure your CV is no longer than 4 pages - it should be a quick easy read - avoid a novel

To find out more CV tips click here check out our free CV template

Or if it’s in the too hard to do bin get your CV professionally designed by the team at People Passion.  Give us a call on 09 299 2525, we would love to help you get your dream job!