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Do you have a recruitment process that you follow religiously?

We are often impressed with some of the weird and wonderful processes and outcomes that we are asked to repair after hit and miss recruitment processes. Imagine if you changed the order if your business is making products…  Instead of filling a container with product and then putting the lid on, what would happen if you put the lid on then tried to fill it?

A recruitment process is called that because getting the steps in the right order creates the result that you want. Failing to can be extremely frustrating and expensive, following consistently can ensure 80% (or more) of the time you get it right.

Mistakes you can easily avoid:

  • Plan well to avoid poor screening which leads to time spent interviewing people you shouldn’t
  • Documentation is important, have an application form to avoid interviewing people you shouldn’t and to ensure you don’t breach privacy
  • Knowledge – making a decision in the first 3 to 5 minutes and then spending the remaining interview time rationalising the decision is bad practise
  • Value of your time – rule of thumb, multiply your hourly rate by 3 sometimes it’s cheaper to outsource
  • Conduct reference and or background checks, if they want to avoid their current employer make the offer conditional on a reference from their current employer