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Are you stressed out?

Stress is a normal part of life. A certain amount of stress is important to get us up and get us moving everyday. Stress can be help us to reach challenging goals or prompt usto make positive life changes. However, with too much stress, too often it can have a negative impact on our productivity, relationships, energy levels, mood, and health.

It’s easy to continue with stressful habits without pausing to see if there are ways to reduce stressors and create a more effective balance between life’s challenges and available resources.

10 Tips to prevent or reduce stress:

  1. Begin to identify what stressors you have.
  2. Anticipate stressors and find resources early.
  3. Decide what you can change and what you can’t.
  4. Consider an effective way to manage your week.
  5. Break goals into manageable pieces.
  6. Seek a balanced week including relaxation, exercise, and enjoyable activities.
  7. Pace yourself.  It will get done.
  8. Find time to identify and celebrate your successes.
  9. Find ways to vent and talk about your feelings.
  10. Practice Assertiveness skills and being able to say, “No.”

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