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Terminating under the 90 Day Trial Period


Managing an Employee under the 90 Day Trial Period is still fairly new to many people and we are frequently asked questions about how to terminate an Employee under this clause.

enableHR makes things simple for you by having a checklist process available for you to use when terminating under the 90 Day Trial Period. This checklist also includes a template letter for terminating under the 90 Days for you to customise to suit your Employee circumstances. enableHR stores this information under the Employee Management section for convenient access when a sticky situation may arise.

enableHR also allows you to set reminders during the 90 Day Period when you first enter your new Employee's details, that way you'll be notified before their 90 Day Trial period ends and you'll be able to manage them accordingly.

If you want to know more, connect with or checkout out our enableHR page.


 Kim | People Guru

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