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‘Tis the season to be jolly

jolly seasonThe silly season is fast approaching bringing with it an increase of tired employees, too much food, alcohol, unusual gifts and a beautiful thing called holiday pay. To help you through this stressful time we’ve compiled some handy tips so you can make the most of the Christmas fever in your workplace.

  • Shut down – you should have notified your team by now, you must remember to give 14 days’ written notice
  • Send a reminder to employees in advance of a Christmas or client function, including any relevant policies – include your expectations regarding their behaviour.  Remember your staff’s behaviour at a Christmas or client functions is your responsibility – especially when theirs company branded clothing and vehicles
  • Be an awesome host always and more so at Christmas – provide food, non-alcoholic drinks and stop serving intoxicated people before it’s too late
  • Provide transport home – NB: From the 1st December the alcohol limit for drivers 20 years and over will be lowered to 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.
    • A good rule of thumb is 1 standard drink per hour for a 50kg person – best to err on side of caution
    • great time to review your vehicle policy too
  • A great way to reward employees is sharing gifts you receive with your team.  Make it fun, number the gifts, put the numbers in a hat and draw – a raffle that doesn’t cost anyone a thing with returns that are priceless
  • Ensure you are familiar with Public Holidays, employees are entitled to a paid day off on the following public holidays if it would otherwise be a normal working day:
    • Christmas Day – Thursday 25th December 2014
    • Boxing Day – Friday 26th December 2014
    • New Year’s Day – Thursday 1st January 2015
    •  January 2nd Holiday – Friday 2nd January 2015
  • A normal working day in most cases is a straight forward question of whether you constantly work and/or are rostered on that particular work day – or have been for the previous six weeks
  • If someone has resigned or left before your Christmas shut down, you may still be required to pay them for the relevant statutory days under their notice period – double check before closing off their pay
  • Most importantly encourage fun in the workplace; ‘tis the season to be jolly – secret Santa is a great way to promote the Christmas cheer, and deck the halls with boughs of holly – or simple decorations

If you have any questions regarding best practise in your workplace over Christmas you’re more than welcome to give People Passion a call 09 299 2525

Merry Christmas