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Wow is that all it will cost me?

This comment likely has business coaches and accountants’ cringing and possibly creating the desire to give their client a swift kick under the table or a good shake.  Ours is definitely thinking exactly that! However we get that comment quite often and we feel really good about it.

We are aware that there’s a tonne of recruitment agencies out there charging percentage based fees and a lot of business owners and managers perceive this as ridiculously expensive and we tend to agree (even though a lot of you choose this option).One of our big things is being affordable for small business owners like us to reduce your people risk phenomenally.  Seriously, employees can be really expensive mistakes!  We know a lot of our clients have a go at DIY all the time – we’re kiwis it’s in our blood.

So next time you’re planning a DIY recruitment at least give us a call and we’ll set you up with the basics right – it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars, enrich your sleep at night and reduce your stress levels!