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Natalie Harrison

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Natalie Harrison


Growing up in windy Wellington with a close knit family Natalie is spoilt with 17 nephews and nieces. After spending time running a resort in Tonga with her husband they returned to New Zealand and decided to settle in the countryside with their young family and are now living the dream in North Waikato. 

Awesome family and work values see Natalie excel at whatever she sets her mind to. Being passionate about numbers aligning, Natalie loves the patterns and logic of accounts. Yes, she really gets numbers, budgets, plans, invoicing, reconciling and the IRD (well that might be stretching a bit far). 

However, priority number 1 is her 2 gorgeous and athletic superstar children that keep her busy racing around the countryside. At representative level for hockey, they also cover rugby, show jumping, motorbike riding and the odd bit of orienteering.  Logically Natalie’s idea of “me time” is putting on her running shoes and clocking up kilometres, with The Great Wall Marathon under her belt and looking to tackle it again.  

Did we mention that Natalie is super-duper organised? On top of everything else Natalie is super proud and supports her husband in his business helping with analysis, budgets and cash flow forecasting. Plus being great at saying ‘yes’ you’ll find her volunteering to be a Treasurer for fundraising or parent help too.

Sitting still is one thing that fails to add up for Natalie. Natalie really does love to help so if you have any questions about invoices and statements from us you’re best to connect directly with her.

“Life is full of beauty, notice it! Smell the rain, feel the wind. Live your life to your fullest potential and fight for your dreams!"