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Workplace Wellness


Positive Choices Workshop

When it comes to workplace wellness there is a whole lot of talk, and a great many theories… it seems to encompass nutrition, exercise, physical and mental health and spirituality. It is a topic that can soon become overwhelming; however it’s important to remember one simple thing…

  • Caring employer + positive action = happier staff, better environment, greater productivity and profits – everybody wins!

Did you know our People Passion team consists of a yoga teachernutrition expert and a training and NLP specialist? So you are in very capable hands when you book a workshop with us!

So, what's covered?

  1. Yoga - Learn to reduce stress in the body right from your desk chair! 
  2. Mindfulness - Learn techniques to connect to the breath and calm the mind
  3. Nutrition - Learn how to fuel and nourish your body
  4. Positive Mindset - Learn tools to deal with different situations life throws at us! 

What's the benefits?

  • A positive work environment
  • Retention of team members - we all feel happier about working for someone who we believe genuinely cares about us
  • Management tools for difficult situations 
  • Increase in physical and mental energy 
  • Better engagement and productivity 
  • Work-Life balance

We can tailor our workshops around your needs, email us below or give us a call to discuss your your requirements!