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People Passion Team Strategy Day

Have you considered taking some time out with your team and exploring what you do great, what you could do better and setting some objectives as a team for the year ahead?

At People Passion we schedule one in each year as a annual check in to see how everyone is doing, get feedback, gain ideas, collaborate, re-energise our objectives and share lunch together as a team. We leave the ‘day-to-day’ at the door and discuss process, workflow, culture and the direction of the business, as this is a really great way to be transparent with your team and include them in the bigger scope of the business.

We encourage you to make some time during the Winter months to share some space together and gain some feedback from your people. Stand back, observe and listen to what is happening within the business, allowing the team to voice their views, ideas and feedback. We all get busy with our daily tasks and don’t spend enough time together looking ahead so this is a valuable way to gain clarity, set and align objectives, improve performance, and make any necessary changes to keep your team motivated.

If you want help with getting some feedback from your people and involving them in your journey, then give us a ring we can certainly help! 09 299 2525.

Check out our photos from our Strategy Day below:

Aimee Lander