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Free resources


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Complimentary Agreement Review

Whether you are a new client or existing client, we will review your current Employment Agreement for free.


Support lines

Mental Wellbeing is becoming a key focus in the workplace and in the community. It’s important to provide your Employees with access to support lines when they might need it most. We have put together a flyer, referencing free support lines to share with your team. For further information the Mental Health Foundation have some awesome workplace resources which can be found here.


Remember that CVs are generally viewed on computer screens now so having colour and personality definitely helps make you stand out. You get one shot at making a great first impression! We have a bunch of free templates to choose from. 


An application form is a critical part of the recruitment process.  Most importantly make sure the application form is completed and reviewed before you interview! It’s a simple process that you could also complete online via Survey Monkey or Google Forms etc. 


Keeping your employees personnel details on file and keeping them up to date is really important – mainly when things go wrong! To make it easy for you we’ve popped our easy to use form here for your use. If you want a customised version or reminders for updates touch base and let us know.


There is a bit of a process to follow for having a valid 90 day trial, so we’ve made it easy for you with our 90 day checklist so you won’t miss a step!

Christmas Checklist

Need a little extra help organising Christmas in your workplace this year?


There’s nothing worse than struggling to get of bed and to work each morning. Here’s a great list of ideas on how to get you pumped!

A GUIDE TO Recurring Absenteeism 

Are you in a sticky situation with your employees and their recurring absenteeism? We've got a guide just for you full of best practice tips!