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Do you use a Recruitment Application Form?


An application form is a critical tool in the Recruitment process, it gathers relevant information you might not otherwise uncover in a CV or interview, however you need to be cautious of the questions you ask.

With the latest Employment Legislation changes and updated regulations surrounding privacy, it is extremely important you have valid reason for seeking the information, for example:

  • Asking about Medical Information that only relates to the position they have applied for and the duties they would perform

  • Medical information can be asked in a way that refers to Physical and Psychological Health, refrain from addressing as Mental Health and only asking if it is deemed relevant to the position

  • Other information that will assist you with your decision making for the position advertised

An application form also enables you to get written permission to contact the candidate’s verbal referees and ensure the referees are aware that they have been listed to complete a reference.

All the above is included in our updated Application Form Template, which you can download below and easily customise to your business.


Aimee Lander