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Winter Wellness Week

The People Passion team are getting into winter wellness for the month of August and encouraging our clients to get involved. You can follow us on our journey and be part of it yourself or with a team.

Winter Wellness is a great way to lift spirits and improve morale throughout these colder days as well as keeping the team engaged. If you share your photos with us, you can go into the draw to win a Winter Wellness pack!

Top Five Wellness Tips  


Hydration during winter is key especially as the air tends to be much drier and this can unexpectedly lead to dehydration, in turn this may leave us feeling a little run down. Our team are loving Lemon & Honey tea, this keeps us warm, hydrated and helps us to reach our goal of 8 glasses of water a day. 

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If you are suffering from a sore throat, add some slices of ginger and a pinch of salt to your Lemon & Honey tea to help soothe the pain. 


People Passion love team yoga sessions during the day, thanks to our Marketing Guru doubling as a Yoga Teacher. A midday yoga session helps to warm up the body, clear the mind, adds exercise to your day and has a great impact on your culture! 

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If you’re not a seasoned “yogi” or don’t have a lot of spare time, look up yoga classes on YouTube or start by doing a few stretches throughout your day.  

Citrus Fruit  

A key nutrient for supporting your immune system and nature’s best source of vitamin C is citrus fruit. Filled with lots of goodies like folate, potassium and calcium, citrus fruit adds a burst of flavour to salads, muffins or as a simple snack. 

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Source your citrus fruit from local markets or from your own trees to ensure they are organic and don’t have any nasty chemicals. A fruit basket filled with fruit is always a hit with Employees.  

Hand Sanitiser

Keeping the workplace clean from germs is super important in winter! Keeping your hands clean not only helps prevent you from catching a cold, but also prevents you from spreading any germs when you're sick.

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Keep the office stocked with hand sanitiser within easy reach and make sure you are still thoroughly washing your hands. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for building a strong immune system in winter and also allows calcium to be absorbed which is needed for healthy bones, healthy cells and good nerve function. Try to soak up as much winter sun as you can by getting out and going for a walk on your breaks!

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As the sun is a lot weaker in winter it makes it harder to absorb enough Vitamin D, so make sure you incorporate Vitamin D rich foods including oily fish, mushrooms, almond milk, cheese and egg yolk into your diet.

Aimee Lander