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Lara Hellier

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Lara Hellier


Being a gal from the provinces –  New Plymouth – Lara comes with a wealth of experience that businesses all over New Zealand are tapping into.

Her previous position as a lecturer at Manukau Technical Institute saw her working alongside business owners and students seeking to learn more in the areas of:

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Hospitality

  • Business Services

A key focus for Lara has always been in helping people achieve. Achieve what is important for them be it, personal development, learning new skills or just ensuring that they are following the right processes.

It was a business that recognised Lara’s skills which began the People Passion business. Today People Passion has become Lara’s other passion – her passion outside of her family.

Like many business owners, spending time with family doing the things that families enjoy together –sports, sharing meals and having fun is often over shadowed by the need to provide for employees. This is why Lara herself understands that business owners need more than advice – they need someone to do the work they can’t!

With over 15 years of business experience Lara is well able to manage most situations clients face. She gets in alongside business owners and gets involved.

So if you want someone on your side in your business helping you work those important staff relationships then I’d suggest giving Lara a call today.

“I'm very hands on, so working in business works for me!” Lara Hellier