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Are you attractive online?

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We are now living in a digital age where everything is accessible online; you can view candidate Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, the Companies Office, send application forms and assessments via email. Have you ever thought about how your company looks online? Are you attractive? Do you make a good first impression on potential employees?  We found a study by CareerArc on Employer branding, they found that 75% of job seekers consider an Employer’s brand before even applying for a job! Yet only 57% of Employers say they have an Employer branding strategy. Your brand is the way prospective employees view you as an Employer. Make sure you get it right by checking the steps below…

Get Social

Building a presence on social media can be a simple way of communicating that your Company is progressive in a digital age. Potential employees can get an idea of how your Company works and communicates which allows them to determine their team fit.

Partner your Marketing Gurus with your Recruitment Team

Your Marketing Gurus are masters of digital campaigns, so work with them to target certain demographics, geographical areas and interest groups. Marketing Gurus exist to ensure the Company’s message and values are being communicated effectively so it’s best to work together to attract and retain the right talent.

Concentrate on your internal branding – build your culture

Your internal brand is just as important as your external communication. Your current employees are your biggest advocates so their understanding of their value is extremely important. How likely is it that they will recommend you to others as a great employer?

So, are you attractive online? We have our own Marketing and Recruitment Gurus so check with us before you start your next recruitment campaign!

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