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Build your own Recruitment Assessment!


SkillCheck is a valuable assessment tool which enables you to test candidates on specific skills based on tasks they would be completing in their role. They are an important part of the recruitment process as they give an accurate snapshot into the skillset the candidate has listed on their application. 

There are a wide range of assessment categories such as:

  • Software testing e.g. Microsoft Office Suite, MYOB

  • Typing/data entry

  • Proof reading

  • Customer service skills

  • Industrial skills/safety

  • Finance/accounting

The unique benefit of SkillCheck is the ‘build your own’ style, you can pick and choose different tests and customise the assessment based on what the position involves, for example: if you’re looking at employing an Accounts person, you can test their skills and knowledge by sending an Accounts Receivable, an Accounts Payable and a Data Entry test all in one assessment.

These assessments can be emailed to the candidate at any stage or completed during the interview process.

Get in touch if you’re interested in adding this to your recruitment process! 

Aimee Lander