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Reminder - New Employment Legislation


Employment Legislation changes are coming up and we wanted to reassure you we are here to help guide you through these changes! To assist you we will have new clauses available mid March, running informative Workshops and also offer free advice on our Facebook page.

Below is a quick reminder of the changes:

Parental Leave (Already in effect)

Parental leave has increased to 26 weeks per year, subsidised by the Government.

April 2019

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage will increase to $17.70 per hour. This will continue to increase each year in order to reach $20 by April 2021.

Domestic Violence, Victims Support Bill

Employers need to prepare for an additional 10 days leave per year per Employee.

Payday Filling

It will be compulsory for Employers to submit employment information each payday, rather than on a monthly basis.

May 2019

90 Day Trial

The 90 Day Trial period will only be available for Employers with fewer than 20 Employees. This will apply to Employment Agreements agreed on and after 6 May 2019.

Rest and Meal Breaks

The regulated rest and meal breaks will be reinstated, which stipulates when breaks will be taken.

If you have any questions surrounding these and any other changes, please give us a call 09 299 2525.

Aimee Lander