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Do you really need to see 360° views?

You’re likely thinking no.  However, given what we see and hear on almost a daily basis, we think you should get as good a view as you possibly can of your team or you could face losing key players.

From our bird’s eye view we've noticed a significant increase in activities around shoulder tapping (much nicer term than head hunting) by company’s direct competitors as well as complimentary industries that skills are transferable to.

We have some awesome clients being superbly proactive however impersonating an ostrich right now could cost you – besides the views not flash either.  What should you do? We have loads of solutions to help with staff retention from ideas for better communication to formal stand up in court policies so phone us to discuss your concerns.

There’s a significant change in the recruitment market as businesses experience growth and increased confidence again. 

People want really good people and if they can’t find them they’ll take yours!

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