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Employer Successfully Recovers Training Costs from Employee

Training policy 2

Training policy 2

Shelley Kopu has joined the People Passion team and her experiences as an ex HR Manager and ER Consultant will be invaluable to us and of course to you our wonderful clients. A recent case Shelley has supported a client which highlighted the importance of having a training policy in place.  Our client committed to support an employee with the expenses of an external program that would give long term returns to their business.  People Passion assisted in putting together a training policy for the client which required repayment of the training if the employee left within a specified time.

Unfortunately the employee decided to leave shortly after completion of the course and would not honour the training policy, leaving our client out of pocket and lacking any return of the knowledge gained from their investment. A number of avenues were exhausted before the case was brought in front of an Authority Member.  They ruled in favour of our client, awarding them the costs of the training, plus interest – a great win for employers!

Do you have a clear and strong training policy in place for your team?