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Engaging Candidates through the Recruitment Process

Winning the war for talent was a hot topic at the recent National HR Summit I attended in August. 


The importance of getting the right candidate for your organisation and ensuring they are the right fit for your team of course is crucial, but it’s a two-way street. The candidates applying for these jobs are also picking their Employer – so what makes you stand out? Remember, good candidates usually get multiple job offers, so what can you offer that other Employers can’t?

This starts at the application stage:

Make it easy

Long winded application forms are becoming a thing of the past. Repeating the information on your CV can be time consuming and off putting. Think about offering an ‘Enquire Now’ button on the advertisement for candidates to get some further info straight off the bat. They may be able to more quickly identify if the role or company is for them, and vice versa.


Make it unique

By customising your recruitment process . If you are recruiting for a creative role, then why not think outside the box? A panel member mentioned a recruitment method where the candidate could answer questions and play games to proceed through the application process, and the first one to finish automatically made the shortlist. This is great way to engage likeminded candidates – the ones you may just want to have on your team!

Make an impression

You want the candidate to have an amazing recruitment process with your company regardless if they get the job or not.

Engaging Employees is just as important at the offer stage.  This is where you can win them over! You need to sell the full proposition and highlight potential development and career opportunities to the candidates. Millennials are looking for more than just remuneration. Find out what’s important to the candidate and customise the benefits to suit i.e. flexible hours? Medical insurance? Optional overtime? 

So next time you are hiring, think about how you can make the experience a positive one for all and win the war for talent from the start. Give us a ring to find out how we can help - 09 299 2525.

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