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How to be a Successful Leader

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As a Leader, it is important that you understand what your Leadership style is, and continue to nurture and grow this on a daily basis. The great Karen Walker recently spoke at the HR Summit and provided insight into her Leadership style, which she attributes to be her most important role.   

Inspired by Karen and People Passion’s own Leadership style, the below Top Tips will help you grow from a Manager to a Successful Leader:  

  1. Create Connection  

    Show vulnerability, self-disclosure and empathy to create a sense of understanding. Employees will feel a sense of connection and belonging to the People, Vision and Values.   

  2. Live in the Future  

    Planning and goal setting should be set with the future in mind – keep your eyes on where you want to be, individually, as a team and within the business. Be prepared to re-think, change and grow these as you go.  

  3. Wear Failures and Celebrate Success 

    Grow from your failures, understand what went wrong and put plans in place to avoid these in future. Share these with your team and seek their ideas and feedback. When you do get a success, celebrate it, live it, and be proud of it!

  4. Be Humble 

    Surround yourself with people who provide you with knowledge, seek the support of people whose Leadership style you admire and ask what they would do in a similar position – don’t be too proud to ask for help.  

If you’re interested in engaging and inspiring those around you, check out the details of our Leadership 101 Workshops. Our Leadership workshops for 2019 have been very popular and we will be running more in 2020, let us know if you or your team would like to attend! We also offer customised workshops for your business so give us a ring for more information - 09 299 2525.

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