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Are you more productive when you manage your energy…

Manage your energy maleRather than trying to manage your time? According to recent research the answer is definitely yes! Labels like physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy may sound a bit fluffy and pink. However, it makes a huge difference to you - your work and your life.  Besides, when you get past the labels it is actually really practical stuff:

  • Look after your body – regular exercise, a good night sleep, choose to eat healthy foods (away from your desk)
  • Look after your mind – avoid multi-tasking, avoid working long hours, stop fire-fighting, take time to reflect on your day
  • Look after your emotions – breathe when stressed, increase self-awareness, learn to recognise what triggers negativity, create time to relax
  • Look after your spirit – do what you enjoy doing, prioritise what’s important to you, spend time with positive people, give to give rather than receive

A couple of quick takeaways:

  • Make the time to regularly exercise – Just Do It! When you’re fit you’re more productive, have greater energy levels and better clarity of mind.
  • Reports indicate that 25% more time is needed to complete a task if you are disrupted or multi-task. Simply turn your phone and email reminders off to do the 30 minute job in 30 instead of 45 minutes and you’ve created yourself a 15 minute break
  • Look after yourself so you can take care of others