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Social Recruiting – the advantages of being connected!

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You probably know that social media has become a fantastic tool for communicating and engaging with your customers. However, have you considered the benefits of using your networks to attract great employees?

Social media has become a crucial tool for engaging with a wider audience and expanding the talent pool. Great candidates are often pretty happy and engaged in their current employment so checking Trade Me and Seek for a new job is off their radar. However when something interesting pops up in their newsfeed it can pique their interest.

Where do you start?... Develop your strategy!

Twitter: In recent years, Twitter is becoming increasingly popular amongst 30-50 year olds and is used by a wide range of individuals. You will need a short, snappy message that is less than 140 characters long with a link attached for further information; you could also include a relevant image to catch their attention. Make your post searchable by including relevant hash tags and keywords.

Facebook: A great overall reach with over 400 million users, it is still the most popular social networking site. You have a range of ways to post your advert, we find posting a link for further information accompanied by short text is best practice. The added benefit of Facebook is sharing your post in local groups around your area or even into groups of people with a specific skill set. Popular pages include Auckland Jobs, Franklin Job Finder and Jobs in Auckland.

Instagram: On average, teens spend 420 minutes a month on Instagram, so as you can imagine this is the best platform to attract a younger audience. On Instagram it is important to have an attention grabbing image with an interesting message and the details of where to find out more information as you cannot include a link in your text. Use hash tagging to promote your post.

LinkedIn: The platform for Graduates, Professionals, Executives and Managers. It is an easy way to connect with candidates on a personal level, where they can read a little bit more about you and your Company. LinkedIn provides paid advertising options as well as a service where you can search relevant candidates based on the information they have listed on their profile. Useful as you can directly message them about your role and whether they would be interested in applying.

All of the social networks listed above are free to join and use with options to pay to boost your posts or create paid adverts. They improve your reach and you can target specific people based on their social profiles. Remember, social networks are for sharing information, and that’s exactly what you want to encourage your audience to do.

If this all sounds a little over-whelming we are here to make it simple! Give us a call and we can help you or point you in the right direction 09 299 2525

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