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Should you use psychometric assessments?

Research shows the highest success rate when recruiting is at 53% (psychometric assessments). Still only 50/50 we hear you say… the same research shows that an interview approach gives you a success rate of 18%. Would you be happy if your profit increased overnight from 18% to 53%? It seems a pretty good reason to consider assessments in your recruitment process, especially if you’re time poor. So what makes assessments special?  A strong interviewer will identify behaviours, skills, knowledge and experience, assessments dig deeper. They can determine values, attitudes, personality, mental ability, motivations, traits and characteristics that could be hidden in an interview. They can provide you with valuable information about your candidate in the short term as well as the long term for your new employee; their training needs, their team fit and job suitability.

Assessments come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to compliment your recruitment process. They can also help in other areas of your business, internal promotions, communication, training and development planning. They should be considered as a tool to help decide on what’s important for your business.

In a candidate short market the temptation to move quickly and skip through the process is very high. Sometimes you can get away with this, sometimes you regret it. Investing a little time and money in understanding a candidate’s personality, mental ability and attitude can save you in the long run by improving your chances of hiring the right person first time!

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