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What happens when you are aware of a Health and Safety risk?

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With changes to Health and Safety coming into effect in April you need to be aware of what could get you in to trouble, ignorance isn’t a defense!

  • If someone is hurt and you were aware of a risk, however you did nothing about it, then you could face a penalty
  • If someone is hurt and you were aware of a risk, and minimised it as far as reasonably practicable then you can avoid penalties

Create a health and safety conscious culture at work. Work together to ensure your Employees know what to do when they have identified a risk and to seek each other’s input into eliminating the risk first, then minimising it.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve breached your Health and Safety duties if there is an incident.

It is important that you’ve done what anyone in your position would sensibly be expected to do.

If you are missing a Health and Safety manual or good systems and procedures in your work place call us and one of our health and safety experts can make things easy for you.

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