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What’s the importance of morale in the workplace?

Important-Message If you’re listening to us you’ll know that people are the driving force of any organization.  So we weren’t at all surprised to learn that morale is identified as the biggest threat to a bad hire – even over the financial cost!

41% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) surveyed in a Robert Half study found that morale was their main concern when making a bad-hiring decision. The financial cost came in third with only 19% of votes.

What’s morale? It’s the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group, when you walk into a business you can generally tell if there’s good morale. Individuals are highly productive and teams are happy when you’ve got the right morale bouncing around.

Problems around hiring a person with low morale can affect everyone in the business… productivity and efficiency, increased risk of errors, missed deadlines and increased absence.

Our top three tips for increasing workplace morale:

  1. Train employees to develop positive attitudes
  2. Keep the conversation going… listen, encourage new ideas and share information
  3. Remember to have fun