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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Legislation Changes



People Passion Office

5/299 Great South Road, Papakura

Employment Legislation changes are coming up and we understand this may be a little overwhelming and distracting from your already growing to-do list! We want to reassure you we are here to help guide you through these adjustments with an easy to follow and informative workshop. Join us for 2.5 hours where we will cover:

  • 90 Day Trial vs Probationary Period, following the correct performance management process

  • Minimum wage increase, how to prepare for $20 by 2021

  • Domestic Violence Leave - what, how, when

  • Meal & rest breaks, flexible working standards and parental leave

  • Union/Collective Bargaining changes

  • Employment Agreement and Handbook clause ideas

Leadership 101


10am - 2.30pm

Auckland Botanical Gardens, 102 Hill Road

Attention all small business owners and managers of small to medium teams!

Do you want..

  • The tools to lead a successful and engaged team?

  • The skills to have the tricky conversations? 

  • An understanding of what it means to be a leader?

  • To be an inspiring leader?

We've got you covered! Join us on a 4 hour workshop, where we will cover: 

  • How to communicate effectively with your team

  • How to approach challenging team situations

  • How to manage ongoing absentees 

  • 90 days and probationary period differences

And so much more!

Did you know we also facilitate tailored Workshops for your people and business? Get in touch if you would like a workshop customised for specific needs you and/or your team need assistance with.

Our Wellness Workshops are an example of what can be offered in-house, where you and the team can learn techniques to nourish the mind and body through yoga and mindfulness to make positive changes towards your wellbeing.

In-House Workshops