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Are you a modern day smoker?


Standing Desks are the newest addition to the office. Ignoring the research that supports the switch to a standing desk effectively puts you in the smokers corner. You know you should probably quit sitting but it’s a big effort to change a long term habit. Now studies show walking meetings have similar health benefits plus boosts your creative inspiration according to Stanford researchers.

Some of the world’s greatest innovators including Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs incorporated walking meetings into their world leading companies. The side-by-side dynamic causes a more peer-to-peer relationship and more relaxed sincere conversation makes it easier to bounce ideas and solutions off each other.

From a neurochemical perspective walking, signals a chemical release in the brain that then boosts creative thinking. This leads to a greater remembrance once the participant has stopped walking, the average increase in creative output around 60 percent.

Along with the benefits of increased creativity and productivity, walking for just 30 minutes a day can be a simple preventative for poor health.