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How many of the “Six Things the Most Productive People do Every Day” are you doing? We all want to get the most out of (or most in to) our day, while having a work/life balance. These 6 tips will help you do more, in less time! #1 Manage your mood

Start your day calmly and positively and it’s easier to focus on the key things in your day. You procrastinate more when you’re in a bad mood so choose to be happy!

#2 Avoid checking your email in the morning

A simple email can hijack your entire day. Checking your email first thing in the morning means you are setting yourself up to react all day.

#3 Before you try to do it faster, ask whether it should be done at all

Studies show people are happiest at work when they feel busy however ask the question… do I need to do this at all, can I delegate this?

#4 Focus is eliminating distractions

Remove the number of options you have to procrastinate. The most powerful way to change your behaviour is to change your environment – lock yourself away from distraction.

#5 Have a personal system

Great systems work because they make things automatic!

#6 Define your goals the night before

Create tomorrow’s to do list the evening before, only the most important things and write them down.