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Do you make these mistakes?


Yes, we're harking on about recruitment processes again however we found an interesting article that lists the “Top 10 Mistakes That Interviewers Make”. Are you guilty?

#10 Failing to create a job description

People want to know what they’re accountable for and you should know what you want them to do before you start recruiting.

#9 Asking illegal questions

If you need someone who will be on time every day, don’t ask: “Do you have a reliable day care provider?” Ask: “Other than personal illness, how many days were you late for work in the last six months?”

#8 Relying on first impressions

A study found 90% of interviewers make a hiring decision within the first 14 seconds of meeting the applicant.

#7 Remember who needs to make an impression

Candidates today are picky. Interviewers need to sell the job and the company. Major turnoffs are being kept waiting and interviewers who are unprepared.

#6 Hiring based only on the interview

A hiring decision based on the interview alone is successful only 18% of the time. Experience is reliable 14% of the time and age is the least reliable predictor of success -1%. Best predictors of success are:

  1. Testing/Assessments (53%)
  2. A temporary job assignment (44%)
  3. Reference checks (26%)

# 5 Biases

Bias causes people to hire who they like best instead of the person who is best for the job.

# 4 Asking the wrong questions

You want a vivid picture of the person’s work ethic, commitment, potential and drive. Structured questions find these answers.

#3 Talking too much

80/20 Pareto Principle applies - the candidate should do 80% of the talking!

#2 Interviewing from the application or résumé

When you conduct interviews with either of these documents in hand, you tend to simply confirm the information the candidate has provided instead of learning what you need to know.

#1 Emphasizing experience and education

Far too few interviewers ask attitude questions. Attitude alone accounts for 93% of business success.

If you’re making some of these mistakes touch base with us and we can help out with training/support.