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Driver Checks & tips for the Silly Season


Did you know you can safeguard your business in terms of vehicle insurance and liability by signing up with Driver Check, a low-cost service facilitated by NZ Transport Authority.  This is well worth the investment if an Employee has access to a company vehicle. If an Employee gets a fine, loss of licence etc you will receive notification via email should the status of their license change. Contact our office if this would be of interest to you! 

Over the Christmas Period, one consistent theme we see during December (and often right through until February!) is the fallout from the ‘Silly Season’. Inappropriate behaviour from staff, fuelled by alcohol, can result in a raft of complicated employment relations matters, sometimes requiring investigations which often leads to hearsay, speculation and a whole lot of unnecessary drama that disrupts your operations and can have serious implications for your business. Make it clear to your employees there is an expectation of common sense and self-regulation around alcohol. We all want to enjoy the celebrations and unwind at the end of the year, but let’s do so responsibly. 

Top tips for your Company functions around serving alcohol:

  • Offer a range of beverages, including soft drinks and ‘light’ wines and beers.  Avoid the top-shelf options and the dreaded pre-mixes, (particularly high strength versions - also referred to as Court-Case-in-a-Can!)

  • Ensure before the event everyone has a pre-booked sober option for getting home safely, with back-up plan.  Ask the question directly and make a note of any responses like “my flatmate is probably going to pick me up”.  Be sure to check in with them during the evening to see what has been arranged.

  • Have a dedicated start and finish time – make sure you stick to it and the whole event is no longer than 4 hours maximum.

  • Arrange an activity – games, presentations, photo booth, something that distracts from just socialising and drinking.  The Christmas function is a great opportunity for team building and bonding.

  • Food, food and more food!  Have grazing food available as well as the meal.

  • Have some cash in your pocket in case you need to pop someone in a taxi.

Aimee Lander