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Five ways to catch resume lies

Reports show that 40% to 78% of applicants admit to lying on their resumes – holy cow! How can you tell? Sometimes you can’t however keep this handy for reference to prevent potentially costly hiring mistakes.

  1. Do reference checks and research the candidate
    • Verify they worked where they say they didResume lies
    • Phone former employers, verify salary information
    • Check with universities etc… did they attend? Is the course legitimate?
  2. Social media sleuthing
    • Look for discrepancies, time frames of employment, graduation photos
    • Check LinkedIn profiles
  3. Tell it to my face
    • It’s difficult to pick up untruths on the phone/text/email
    • Face to face you can read their body language
  4. Put them to the test
    • Basic skills assessments takes 57 minutes and costs next to nothing to ascertain their smarts
    • A practical test of the work you’re hiring them to do instead of a second interview highlights
  5. Interview in the morning
    • Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Utah found that people’s moral willpower dwindles as the day goes on
    • Apparently people are more likely to engage in unethical behaviours in the afternoon