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Does your recruitment strategy include Social Media?

Social media buttonsSocial media is now as much a part of most people’s day as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Given the popularity of social media in many aspects of our lives, there is no doubt it can give you a competitive edge when it comes to finding the best candidates for your role. In fact stats show that 78% of professional recruiters have successfully hired through social media platforms. It increases your reach and allows you to target those who may be more interested in your company and its culture.

Some quick tips...

  • Choose one or two platforms and manage your presence really well to keep the integrity of your company’s brand
  • Set up regular days for things like thought for the week and sharing free info or samples
  • Tweet or post updates about events that affect your business and team
  • Give people a ‘behind the scenes’ peek – share positive experiences and reflect your company culture
  • Get your team involved – if they’re happy they’re going to tell great stories
  • Pay it forward, promote others and share

There are numerous free online job sites available as well as sharing within your own social media, phone us to find out more.