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How do you keep your STAR Employee?


Of all the people on your team, how many are truly STARS? – Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, Responsible, and Stable. They’re easy to spot because if they left, it would be a huge loss to you and your business. So how do you keep them? 

We always recommend keeping things simple so here’s a few easy steps to help avoid losing the STARS on your team…

  • Always keep all your promises and commitments to them
  • Remember to say thank you, give positive recognition, praise, and rewards to reinforce their extraordinary results
  • Keep a keen eye on who is doing what, check that the STARS get a fair balance (rather than all) of the extra or dirty work (because they get it done faster)
  • Have you thought about a “Stay Interview”? Check you’re on the same page to prevent the need for Exit Interviews
  • Have a clear map of new opportunities, promotions, expectations and bonuses so STARS can align themselves
  • STARS love to learn and grow – identify opportunities and have a training plan in place for them
  • Respect and support employees’ needs for work/life balance

Finally, remember when you are delivering goals and objectives to the team, STARS want more than just the how, what, where, and when, they want to know the why as well so be prepared to share.

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