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When it comes to workplace wellbeing there is a whole lot of talk, and a great many theories… it seems to encompass nutrition, exercise, physical and mental health and spirituality. It is a topic that can soon become overwhelming; however it’s important to remember one simple thing.

While you employ someone for 8 hours a day as an accounts person, drain layer, furniture maker or sales person, you are at the same time employing a whole person who has 16 other hours of life going on – highs, lows, excitement and stress that occurs in their personal lives. These can come with them to the workplace and can have a significant impact on their performance.

Supporting the whole person certainly has a nice ethical slant and feel good factor, and studies have shown that when staff feel valued there are measurable increases in productivity and a reduction in staff turnover – all meaning great things for the long-term health of your business.

There are lots of ways to support your staff, however it’s particularly topical as the pre-Christmas rush kicks in and impending office shutdowns loom. Pressures hit equally in personal lives, with extra expenses and limited time, parents may be juggling childcare, and some seasonal overindulgence may leave many worse for wear in terms of their nutrition and sleep. 

Consider ways that you can help minimise stress for your staff… perhaps allow a few hours off for Christmas shopping – weekends should be spent relaxing after all. NZ summers provide the best of local fruit, so what about a fruit bowl in the lunchroom to restore some vital nutrients? For people on a tight budget, a grocery voucher is likely to bring more joy to their family than a bottle of wine. Most important of all, take the time to talk to your staff – if possible schedule a time to sit down and catch up – wrap up the year, talk about holiday plans and let them know you care. 

Put yourself in your employees shoes, we all feel happier about working for someone who we believe genuinely cares about us. Caring employer + positive action = happier staff, better environment, greater productivity and profits – everybody wins!

For more Employee health and wellbeing ideas, check out Alsco's article for a comprehensive list.  

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