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What little things do you do to make a difference to someone's day?

Do you make a conscious decision to make an effort so someone else’s day shines?  Did you know that it’s all the little things that help with retention and morale? The impact is huge and far reaching. Happy staff makes happy customers, you can feel the vibe when you enter premises. We know that happy customers create raving fans which increases your bottom line.

So what are the little things that you can do?  Here’s our top 5


  1. Constructive feedback…Positive (or negative) feedback represents a very important instrument for measuring the quality of our work. And a complete feedback that has only the best intentions can transform your day in to a very productive and cheerful one
  2. Brainstorming sessions… The planned sessions where putting heads together to get the creativity juices flowing can make people feel good as contributors. These sessions allow people to surprise you, are great fun and create a sense of achievement and purpose.
  3. Open-minded positive people…If all the people around us are open minded and positive we all have something to learn and gain
  4. A great chair… Sitting at your desk all day long can have long term negative effects on your health. Nothing stopping you from getting a free trial or a free analysis on your work station options
  5. Great coffee or amazingly teas…(or should we look at adding a wine here?)  Consider revitalising your tea and coffee selection - this cost can be minimal and the return on your investment significant.  And leave blue milk in the fridge not everyone likes trim. Or if you manage to track down Lewis Creamery’s chocolate milk ring us – we’ll be there!

What other little things can you think of that will make a little difference in someone’s day at your office?