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Smart Employers use Application Forms – are you smart?

application formMore often than not we’re horrified to discover that employers are failing to use an application form before hiring.  Our belief is that the application form is a critical tool and minimizes your risks as an employer from an HR perspective. Have you heard Lara say… Potential candidates must complete an application form! It gathers relevant information about credentials that a CV or interview will not discover.  An application form allows you an opportunity to get written permission to contact verbal referees – make sure you check the referees are valid too!

It is also designed to ask more specific personal questions - you can always ask - candidates don't have to answer, however check with us if you think you’re getting too personal.

Google checking is a real must as is cross referencing with LinkedIn.... amazing what you can find out however make sure you have the right candidate!

In our resource section you will find an example of an application form.  Please be smart and check your application form covers similar questions and has a declaration at the bottom.

If you’ve been working harder instead of smarter without application forms give us a call. We have online application forms as well to save everyone time and money.

Most importantly make sure the application form is completed and checked before you offer the role!