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Is your team fit enough to keep up with you?

Is it true that a healthy lifestyle can increase your ability to deal with the stresses and demands you face during your working day? There’s a resounding yell ‘yeah’ from across the ditch with 93% agreeing! There’s a big increase in awareness towards a healthy lifestyle and we’re actively encouraging our clients to get behind promoting a healthy work environment. The results are paying off – better culture, less absenteeism and motivated healthy people. 

Simple initiatives help:

  • Get a volunteer (team) to lead the charge
  • Support them and assist with action plans and promotion

Easy ideas from us:

  • There are so many ways to create a healthy business culture that won’t cost a lot and will impact your bottom line!  Call us, we have some great contacts in the industry or we can help you get started for a great 2014!Create lunchtime walking or running group(s)
  • Organise a boot camp
  • Bring in experts for onsite health checks
  • Set up a water drinking challenge
  • Compete in the Feet Beat Challenge – plan now for September
  • Missed FebFast – no worries – Dry July is coming up!