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What do you think are the top 10 motivators of your team?

We all know that having a happy team is good for business – its good business.  Are you dangling the right carrot in front of your team member to get the best out of them though? Clarius Group’s research revealed the top 10 motivators for Australian white collar professionals in 2014 are (in order);

    1. Money
    2. Work/life balance
    3. Being valued and recognised
    4. Interesting work
    5. Working with good people who they can learn from
    6. Flexible hours
    7. Good managers
    8. Finding meaning and purpose in the work they do
    9. Job security
    10. “A great company doing good work”

From our experience we think Kiwi’s think a little differently to the Australians when it comes to work and incentives and we’d love for you to help us prove it.

If you could take 30 seconds to click your way through this survey a chocolate fish may find its way to your desk :)