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The secret to developing great leaders!


Investing in leadership development is recognised as key to growing your business, so it is important to keep in mind what makes an effective leader. New research suggests that the secret to developing strong leaders in your workplace is to encourage the following four types of behaviour:

  1. Supporting others– they understand and sense how the other person feels. It is important to show a sincere interest in Employees, this in turn helps build a relationship of trust and respect. Supportive leaders spot the positive and help colleagues to overcome challenges. They create an encouraging work environment resulting in a more efficient work space.
  2. Operating with a strong results orientation – effective leaders are able to develop and communicate their goals and objectives, plus they follow through on achieving the end result. Results orientated leaders understand the importance of efficiency and productivity.
  3. Seeking different perspectives – they monitor the change in environment and encourage all employees to contribute ideas to increase productivity. Leaders weigh up issues based on sound analysis and tackle those of greatest concern first and foremost.
  4. Solve problems effectively – strong problem solving abilities is an important characteristic for all future leaders. Being a leader requires daily problem solving, problems ranging from customer issues all the way through to team disputes. Effective leaders are able to gather, analyse and consider a problem in order to fix it.

It is fair to say that everyone has their own style of leadership, however for a business investing in future leaders, encouraging the above four traits is a great place to start!