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Why are young Kiwis good for business? 50/500

You may feel reluctant about taking on a Kiwi person but it is important to recognise the opportunities that hiring a young person can bring your business…

  • often flexible and willing to learn
  • fresh ideas and passion – boosts workplace morale
  • development – training and coaching young people develops the skills of other staff
  • they can raise your company’s profile in the industry and community

As you know hiring the right person is essential to success. If your workplace is not in the position to employ a young Kiwi, you may consider internships or apprenticeships. They are a great way for young Kiwis to gain practical experience and knowledge that is helpful in gaining future long-term employment.

Tips for hiring and working with young people…

  • ensure clear direction and encouragement is given – feedback is key
  • help them match their expectations to workplace realities
  • show an interest in their personal lives and offer support
  • allow them opportunities to grow and succeed

Check out 50/500 a campaign set up by a group of CEOs in New Zealand to help bring awareness that “the national youth unemployment rate is three times that of the general workforce, and over 265,000 young New Zealanders are either unemployed or underemployed.” They’re aiming to get New Zealand companies to commit to 500 new jobs for Young New Zealanders in 50 days, you still have time.

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